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Our babies are usually born in January and February and stay with their
Moms , the babies are handled from birth, and are very friendly and
Everyone gets into the joy of watching the new babies.

We alway try to be there for the birth just in case a little help is needed.
Pie loves to watch the babies play,

Sweet dreams

Thick straw and a heat lamp makes for
a warm night. I disbud  as soon as I
can feel the buds. Bucks usually show
up before the does.
Nigerians are really good mothers,
these two does are just getting around
well. 6 hours old. Nice udder
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Its hard to believe how small they are
when they are born.
Between 7 and 8 inches tall at the

Everyone keeping warm
Sometimes waiting up for the doe
to have their babies can be cold
and tiring, but this little one
knows how to keep warm
take advantage of a good thing.
It was worth the wait

He looks just like his Father
(I think they both do)
We love kidding time, the milk, showing and just
having fun with these little ones.

All of the animals have their purpose, even if it just to
look pretty, they make our days as we go along into
life. Having things to do and planning new things
keeps us having fun and loving life. I hope you
enjoyed the tour, I will be adding more as we go
along. Thanks for visiting us, come any time, and say

Life is to short too just sit and do nothing.

The End
Sometimes there are quite a few at a
time.  Pictured Desertwinds PF Lady Ann
and her 5 little ones. 2013