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Last but not least are the wonderful Nigerian Goats. As you might have noticed every
one at  Shadow Hills has a job. From eating bugs to laying eggs, even just looking pretty.
Well the goats have a job too. They furnish Milk and boy is it good. Nice and creamy, If
you are Lactose intolerant you might not have a problem with goats milk.  It's very rich
but easy to digest. Give it a try. Just make sure its fresh.

If your goats are fed good fresh food, and don't get a lot of weeds, the milk tastes just
like cows milk, except richer.  If cows get into bad food or weeds their milk will be strong
Our story:
Years ago in 1977, Mike and I bought our first goat, Mini, a Saanen. Later we acquired a few more big
goats. I learned to milk, and it was great. Our little son was very sick but he was able to keep the goats
milk down, and in time was just fine. We had the goats for quite a while, then in 1980 we sold the whole
herd. I really missed them.
Then about nine Years ago I asked for two little does for Mother Day , and that started the whole ball
We're having a ball with these little ones.
The first year we had kids they shared a stall in the horse barn, it was warm and to this
day they still like sleeping it the stall.

Then 6 years ago, we built a barn just for the goats. It's warm and even has running
water, so I don't have to haul  buckets of water all year long.

A sign maker made the sign for
me in trade for a little buck

I have lights inside and out!!!
To see more click blue Diamond
The big roomy horse stall made great
living area for the goats.
We had built a milking parlor a few years ago, and
it was good but this last year we up graded to
where we now have a
Grade A dairy.
Where we can sell the wonderful milk.
To see more on the Dairy go to the
Dairy page
We started from the ground up.
We build our own gates and feeders
always fun things to do here at
Shadow Hills Ranch
This feeder has one end that opens
for easy clean out. I later added   
plywood to the fence rail that hinged
so you can lift up the top and feed but
the rain and snow does not get in the
Its a lot of fun to do your own building
and see how the results come out.
Well on with the tour.
All done and ready for business