Pepper looking a little salty
Welcome to the tour of Shadow
Hills Ranch
Established December 17, 1977
We moved here in the winter of 1977, its been a work in progress
ever since. So come on over and enjoy the tour.
That is Mike saying Welcome. The snow is sometimes really
We raise registered Nigerian Goats for the show ring, milk, and for just  really
great pets.
Nigerians are wonderful small goats, very gentle when raised right, they give a
wonderful creamy milk, easy to care for, and love to be with their people.
If your interested in Hobby Farming or Urban Homesteading  these might just be
the goats your looking for.
That's me and our 3 four
legged helpers
We have a fun time with our place. We have  lots of stray cats that
keep the rodents down. We do the feral cat program, We take them to
the Vet to get the cats fixed, then return them to the place we trapped
them.  They live a good life with food and shelter, and no unwanted
They become beautiful cats, from the torn up ones we take to the Vet.
The cats in turn really help keep the mice, gophers, and moles under
control.  So on with the tour.
Now to see chickens. They have their own coop  We have a small flock
of 7 chickens, they provide us with eggs to eat . They also keep down
bugs, earwigs, and other crawly things. They  have even been known
to eat a mouse of two.

We  have a variety of chickens so that we have eggs all year long. ,   
They kind of take turns laying, and then they all lay in the spring, just in
time for Easter.

Pepper the cat holding his own, but the
chickens always win.

We no longer raise Muscovy Ducks , but you might be
interested in knowing about them.
Muscovy ducks don't quack, and are very quiet, and when you
walk by them they will tilt their heads as if to say "Hi there". Their
job is to keep the bugs down and they are known for eating flies  
and boy do they, you will even see the babies trying to jump up
and eat the flies.
The biggest reason I love them is they fly, I get a kick out of
watching them fly from the front yard all the way to the barns in
the back, They come in all different colors, and are really easy to
care for. My ducks run free  on the ranch so they eat the weeds
just as they come up. They keep the hard to mow areas down.
The babies are sold for pets, and some of the older males are
sold for meat. There is always rolled corn for them to eat, and
water to play in.
Some cats get  special attention.
Heat lamps make the old bones
feel good.
They love to fly up on the shop roof
and perch for the night.
A variety of colors makes life
One of my new colors.
Some of the ducks fly into the front
yard and go through the plants and
eat the earwigs.  Since we have had
them the  population of earwigs has  
almost been wiped out.
Ducks and Dandelions
Drying off after a swim