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Creamery Creek Birdee's MayDay 2*D AR
Born May 26, 2012

Extended Pictures and Pedigree
Creamery Creek Birdee's MayDay 2*DAR
Thunderhill PC Jose' Aztec

Dill's BH Daly Birdee *D
NC PromisedLand Paycheck

Kaapio Acres SF Timachee
PromisedLand CP Bounty Hunter

PromisedLand CP Datza NoNo*D
This doe is out of the same doe as my
buck Creamery Creek Milk Man, We
were so very excited to be her,  Their
Dam is a super wonderful Milker
thanks so very much Shelly Shumway
New Shadow Hills Solitare 2*DAR
Born 28 Feb. 2012

Extended Pedigree and Pictures
New Shadow Hills Solitare 2*DAR
Wind Valley Handsome Hank HMR

Wind Valley Shadow Princess *D
Wood Bridge Farm Wrenagade

Wind Valley Fluffy Fiona
Desertwinds SN Guess Who

Twilight Avres Bitzie BlueEyes
MayDay is a love She came to me with
out her kids which were sold, She is a
great little milker, and has adopted two
of Honey's 4 and is helping to feed
She will be on milk test this year also.
May Day just earned her *D and is
on her way for her AR.  She may be
tiny but she knows how to produce
the milk
She is now an 2*DAR doe and she
is doing great
Solo just received her AR making her a
2*D AR