Shadow Hills Ranch Senior Does
Each year we seem to add a doe or two to the senior doe page.  
We just love the milk, and are having a fun time showing.
We are on DHI 305 milk test and are having a ball, seeing how
our little does are doing,
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New Shadow Hills Windsong*DAR2729
Born 10 Feb 2011
Extended Pedigree and Pictures
Windsong  kidded in April with a beautiful doe and buck,  she is on 305 milk
test and I have lots of hope for her,

Last year as a Jr. Doe she received a RGC behind New Shadow Hills Blue
New Shadow Hills Windsong*DAR
Born 10 Feb. 2011
Creamery Creek Milk Man+SHS

Desertwinds PF Eclipse
MCH Desertwinds SN Pink Floyd

Roc N Ewe DE Runaway
Rosasharn GS Hearts D'Sire

Dill's BH Daly Birdee 2*D
We are super proud of our little Lady Windsong she
made the top of the Top Ten in AGS for Butter Fat
with a 12.2%
Making her the all time butter fat winner on the One
Day milk test
Northern Dawn Red Willow *D AR
Born 25 Feb 2012

Extended Pedigree and Pictures
Willow just received her *DAR and
by doing so, Her Sire received His
Herd sire title.
Which enabled his Dam to get her
*D also. A lot was riding on  little
shoulders but she did it.
Northern Dawn Red Willow *DAR
Creamery Creek Milk Man +SHS

Bluestone HD Lil' Lucy
Rosasharn FS Hearts D'Sire

Dills BH Daly Birdee 2*D
Rosasharn PS Hearts D'Sire

Esperanza WS C Note
New Shadow Hills Willows Kaiya
born 15 Jan 2016
Extended Pedigree
New Shadow Hills Honey's Star*S

Northern Dawn Red Willow *D AR
New Shadow Hills Willows Kaiya
Silveraurora JC Wishuponastar *S*B

Shadow Hills Bit O Honey  2*DAR
Creamery Creek Milk Man +SHS

Bluestone HD Lil' Lucy