Creamery Creek Birdee's MayDay 2*D AR
Born May 26, 2012

Extended Pictures and Pedigree
Creamery Creek Birdee's MayDay 2*DAR
Thunderhill PC Jose' Aztec

Dill's BH Daly Birdee *D
NC PromisedLand Paycheck

Kaapio Acres SF Timachee
PromisedLand CP Bounty Hunter

PromisedLand CP Datza NoNo*D
This doe is out of the same doe as my
buck Creamery Creek Milk Man, We
were so very excited to be her,  Their
Dam is a super wonderful Milker
thanks so very much Shelly Shumway
New Shadow Hills Solitare 2*DAR
Born 28 Feb. 2012

Extended Pedigree and Pictures
New Shadow Hills Solitare 2*DAR
Wind Valley Handsome Hank HMR +S

Wind Valley Shadow Princess *D
Wood Bridge Farm Wrenagade

Wind Valley Fluffy Fiona
Desertwinds SN Guess Who

Twilight Avres Bitzie BlueEyes
MayDay is a love She came to me with
out her kids which were sold, She is a
great little milker, and has adopted two
of Honey's 4 and is helping to feed
She will be on milk test this year also.
May Day just earned her *D and is
on her way for her AR.  She may be
tiny but she knows how to produce
the milk
She is now an 2*DAR doe and she
is doing great
Solo just received her AR making her a
2*D AR
Hawk Meadows Chipmunk
Born 14 Oct.  2010

Extended Pedigree
Wind Valley Handsome Hank HMR +S

Twilight Avres PatchesBlueEyes
Wood Bridge Farm Wrenagade

Wiind Valley Fluffy Fiona
Twilight Avres Sir Lancelot

Sonar Grande Sissy Blue Eyes
Hawk Meadows Chipmunk
A super sweet doe from Hawk Meadows
Can't wait to see the beautiful kids in the
Desertwinds BD Sara
Born 18 January 2010

Extented Pedigree
Desertwinds BD Sara
Desertwinds LZ Black Dog

Desertwinds SN Stormy Weather *DAR
Desertwinds SN Led Zeplin*S

Eby's Peach N Cream At Feliciy
ARMCH Desertwinds Stormin' Norman+S

Starbucks Creamora
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