More Senior Does page 3
Shadow Hills Ranch Senior Does
Each year we seem to add a doe or two to the senior doe page.  
We just love the milk, and are having a fun time showing.
We are on DHI 305 milk test and are having a ball, seeing how
our little does are doing,
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Hawk Meadows Cinnamon Cinder *DAR2577
Born 3 March 2010
Wind Valley Handsome Hank HMR+S

Twilight Acres Patches Blue Eyes
Wood Bridge Farm Wrenagade

Wind Vallye Fluffy Fiona
Twilight Acres Sir Lancelot

Sonar Grande Sissy Blue Eyes

2xGCHJunior Doe
. at the ISDGA show in
Boise Idaho May 2011

Cinnamon just got her
*D for the one day milk
test 2012
More senior doe page 4
New Shadow Hills Windsong*DAR2729
Born 10 Feb 2011
Extended Pedigree and Pictures
Windsong  kidded in April with a beautiful doe and buck,  she is on 305 milk
test and I have lots of hope for her,

Last year as a Jr. Doe she received a RGC behind New Shadow Hills Blue
New Shadow Hills Windsong*DAR
Born 10 Feb. 2011
Creamery Creek Milk Man+SHS

Desertwinds PF Eclipse
MCH Desertwinds SN Pink Floyd

Roc N Ewe DE Runaway
Rosasharn GS Hearts D'Sire

Dill's BH Daly Birdee 2*D
Hawk Meadows Cinnamon Cinder *D AR2577
March 3 2010
Extended Pictures and Pedigree
We are super proud of our little Lady Windsong she
made the top of the Top Ten in AGS for Butter Fat
with a 12.2%
Making her the all time butter fat winner on the One
Day milk test
Desertwinds BD Dusty Rose 2*DAR
Born 20 March 2011

Extended Pedigree and Pictures
Dusty just received her 2*DAR We
are super proud of her
Desertwinds BD Dusty Rose 2*DAR
Desertwinds LZ Black Dog

Desertwinds Stormin's Rosebud *D AR 2325
Desertwinds SN Led Zeplin

Eby's Peach N Cream At Felicity
ARMCH Desertwinds Stormin' Norman +S

Sunburst Farms Rosebud
I have loved this doe from the moment
I first lay eyes on her, Thanks Donna
and Norm for letting her come and live
at Shadow Hills Ranch
She Kidded with Twin bucks and a
wonderful smooth udder and she is a
super wonderful Mother.
She will be on milk test this year.
Gabhran Creek Shadow's Liberty
Born 3 July 2015

Extended Pedigree
.  She has old mountain farm in her
and is Polled.
Will be fun to see her grow up.
Gabhran Creek Shadow's Liberty
Rockstar Ranch Paint It Place

Gabhran Creek Twisted Swisster
Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos

Old Mountain Farm Anahita
Pelican Acres DSL Maverick

Heidi's Mini Acres Swiss Miss
Retired to Texas to live
the good life