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New Shadow Hills Swiss Miss 2*DAR
Born 28 Feb. 2014

Extended Pedigree and Pictures
New Shadow Hills Swiss Miss
received a Grand Champion in the
Jr. doe class in Logan,  Can't wait
to see what she will looks like next
year.  Wonderful little doe.
Almost 2 years old.

        Almost 2 weeks
New Shadow Hills Swiss Miss 2*DAR
Hawk Meadows Cinnamon Cinder *D AR
Desertwinds PF Umma Gumma   
CH/MCH Desertwinds SN Pink Floyd

Desertwinds BD PeachesNCream

Wind Valley Handsome Hank HMR+S AR

Twilight Acres Patches BlueEyes
Missy had proven to be a super
wonderful milker also.  As of today
April 7 2017, she is still milking over a
qt per day and she has been milking
for over 15 months.
Gabhran Creek Shadow's Liberty *DAR
Born 3 July 2015

Extended Pedigree
.  She has old mountain farm in her
and is Polled.
Will be fun to see her grow up.
Gabhran Creek Shadow's Liberty *DAR
Rockstar Ranch Paint It Place

Gabhran Creek Twisted Swisster
Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos

Old Mountain Farm Anahita
Pelican Acres DSL Maverick

Heidi's Mini Acres Swiss Miss
So proud of this little
Montaina Girl.
she is now a *DAR
New Shadow Hills Lady Enya
Born 13 January 2015

Extended Pedigree
Desertwinds NH Lady Hawke *D AR2326
New Shadow Hills Lady Enya
AGS Kids Corral FF Ring of Fire
Ch AGS Kids Corral LL Fire Flame

AGS Pocket Sized PST Victory
Desertwinds Nighthawk

Spiritwind Frost Fire
A very PG Enya even the cat seems
Can't wait to see how she milks
New Shadow Hills Lady Alice 4*D
Born 16 Jan. 2017
Extended Pedigree
one of the sweetest little doe,
She is so willing to do what ever
you ask,  I just love to working
with her
If your looking for a doe with lots
of milk, I think this lady's kids
should give you what your looking
Silveraurora JC Wishuponastar *S

Shadow Hills Bit O Honey 2*D
Creamery Creek Milk Man +SHS

Desertwinds PF Lady Ann 2*D
New Shadow Hills Honey's Star *S

New Shadow Hills Lady Kate 3*D
New Shadow Hills Lady Alice 4*D