Pedigree of Desertwinds PF Lady Sarah
and             Desertwinds PF Lady Ann
5 july 2010
Blue dot means pictures below
Desertwinds PF Lady Sarah 2*D AR
Born 15 July 2010
Desertwinds PF Lady Ann 2* D AR
MCH Desertwinds SN Pink Floyd

Desertwinds NH Lady Hawke*D
MCH/PGCH Desertwinds Stormin' Norman +S(AR HS)*DAR

Starbucks Creamora
Desertwinds Nighthawk

Spiritwind Frost Fire
Desertwinds Mt Charleston +S

Eby's Skittle at Felicity's *DP
Starbucks Remano

Starbucks Amaretto Caffe
Flat Rocks Champoin Design

Ohlone Frosty
Starbucks Vanilla Mochachip

Starbucks French Vanilla
Desertwinds Nighthawk
Courtesy of Donna and Norm Geiser
Desertwinds NH Lady Hawke *D
Born Feburary 23, 2006
CH/MCH Desertwinds  SN Pink Floyd
Desertwinds Stormin's Norman*S
Courtesy of Desertwinds Norm and
Donna Geiser
MCH/PGCH Desertwinds
Mt Charleston+S
Thanks so very much Donna
and Norm Geiser
Flatrocks Champion Design
Courtesy of Janet Shlanta
Spirtwind Frost Fire
Ohlone Frosty
Spirtwinds old web site
Starbucks Creamora
Picture taken in 2006 Courtesy of
Desertwinds, Norm and Donna Geiser
Creamora was born in 2/23/99
Starbucks French Vanilla Born
3/15/97Countesy of Desertwinds
Norm and Donna Geiser
Eby's Skittle At Felicitys *D
udder picture 2006
born 1/28/79
Sister to Peaches
Desertwinds PF Lady Sarah
Desertwinds PF Lady Ann
two weeks old. Will up date pictures
after they kid,
Starbucks Ramono