New Shadow Hills Solitaire 2*D AR
Born 28 Feb. 2012
New Shadow Hills Solitair 2*DAR
Wind Valley Handsome Hank HMR +S

Wind Valley Shadow Princess *D
Wood Bridge Farm Wrenagade

Wnd Valley Fluffy Fiona
Desertwinds SN Guess Who

Twilight Avres Bitzie BlueEyes
Sugar Creek MT Tell Me More

Ch Gay-Mor's RA Nicotiana
Desertwinds SN Bad To The Bone

ARMCH/PGCH Desertwinds Lola Phalange*D
MCH/PGCH Desertwinds Stormin'Norman+*S*DAR

Inavale KW Georgia
Twilight Acres Sir Lancelot

Sonar Grande Sissy Blue Eyes
Wind Valley Handsome Hank HMR+S
Wood Bridge Farm Wrenagade
Courtesy of Wood Bridge Farm
and Wind Valley Farms
Wind Valley Fluffy Fiona Courtesy of
Wind Valley Goats
GCH Junior Doe
Thanks so much Felicia

Wind Valley Shadow Princess
Desertwinds NS Guess Who
Twilight Acres Bitzie BlueEyes
Courtesy  of Jerri Fuhriman
of Hawk Meadows Ranch

Sugar Creek TM Tell Me More
Courtesy of Wood Bridge Farm and
Quail Run Hallow
Ch Gay Mor's RA Nicotiana
Courtesy of Wood Bridge Farms
Desertwinds Bad To The Bone
Courtesy of
Felicia Nielson of
Wind Valley Goats
ARMCH/PGCH Desertwinds Stormin's Norman*S
Courtesy of Desertwinds Norm and Donna Geiser
Invavle  KW Georgia, Courtesy of
Viriginia Johnson and Dave Gruver
Sonar Grande Sissy Blue Eyes
Courtesy of Twilight Acres
Twilight Acres Sir Lancelot
Courtesy of Twilight Acres
Grand Champion Junior Doe
Boise Idaho. 2012