Desertwind Only A Fantasy
Born April 8, 2011
Fantasy is Stormin’s daughter
and Lady Hawke’s granddaughter
Fantasy is Here!!!!!!

Lady Hawk her Grandmother has live
here for quite a few years and has
produce some beautiful does with
super wonderful udders. Fantasy is
also bred to Umma Gumma one of my
favorite Desertwinds buck.
We are so very happy about having
this beautiful doe come and live at
Shadow Hills.  She is due to kid in
Feb,  2016
Desertwinds SN Only A Fantasy
Born April 8, 2011
ARMCH Desertwinds Stormin' Norman+S

Desertwinds PF Hey You
Desertwinds MT Charleston +S

Eby's Skittle at Felicity's
MCH Desertwinds SN Pink Floyd

Desertwinds NH Lady Hawke  *DAR2326
Spiritwind Apache

Starbucks Mountain Grown
Car-Lin Henric

Copper Penny's Serenity
ARMCH Desertwinds Stormin'Norman+S

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