Home of
Green Gate Dairy
Our motto has always been Milk in
the pail and ribbons on the wall.
Now we can sell that milk in the pail.
It is lovely sweet milk, high in butterfat
from  Nigerian Goats.

Our goats are fed Alfalfa as their
main food source with some grass
hay, leaves and green pasture to
graze, run and play on during the day.

We try to keep our Girls well fed ,
happy and free of stress.  Lots of
clean water and natural minerals to
keep them healthy and happy.
Our Doe's have their kids on them until
they are either sold or they wean them.

When the kids are old enough to be
with out mom for the night, we
separate them, which give us lots of
milk in the morning, and the kids get to
spend the day with Mom, and learn all
the good thing Mom can teach them.

We also DHIA test once a month and
work on getting the Does their milking
stars, and AR awards.
Future milking Star
Left to right 2 first freshener, and  2  third freshener
We milk with an Ultimate EZ
and it works great.
The new Does to the stand do
not have any problem getting
use to the milker.
Because some of my Does are really
short I have cut a piece of wood out of
the middle of the milking stand, and
put like a trap door on it. The bottles
drop down below the stand and it easy
to milk the Does with out having the
bottle sticking out of either side.