Shadow Hills Bucks

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The new boy on the block
New Shadow Hills Storm Chaser
Born 31 January, 2016

Extended Pedigree
This little Man is super beautiful very
very dairy,  very correct and a sweet
temper to go with him. Judges say they
like him because he is very sharp.
New Shadow Hills Storm Chaser
AGS Desertwinds GW Riding TheStorm

New Shadow Hills Swiss Miss
Desertwinds PF Umma Gumma

Hawk MeadowsCinnamon Cinder *D AR
MCH Desertwinds SN Guess Who

PGCH/ARMCH Desertwinds Lola Phalange  *D/AR*DLT+
Barn name is
Jobi V Mr Buttermilk King *s
Born 11 February 2010
How do you like the wrinkles, He is  fun
to work with. Thanks Shelley for letter
me purchase him.
Jobi V Mr Buttermilk King *S
Jobi Valiant+S

Jobi Unite 4*D AR 2141
Gay-Mor Berry's Jetsteam ++ *S

Jobi Flag 2*D AR1602
Rosasharn. SS Unity +*S

Jobi Rosset 3*D AR1912
New Shadow Hills Blk Tie Afair
New Shadow Hills Blk Tie Afair
Born 10 Feb. 2011
Creamery Creek Milk Man +S

Desertwinds PF Eclipse
Rosasharn FS Hearts D'Sire

Dill's BH Daly Birdee 2*D
CH/MCH Desertwinds SN Pink Floyd

Roc N Ewe DE Runaway
We took Black Tie to Boise, this May
2012 and He took
Grand Champion Senior Buck
and Best in Breed,
Giving him his first Leg

Then we sent him to Chino California,
Where is got a
Reserve Grand Champion behind an
AGS Permanent Grand Champion
Giving Black Tie a restricted leg.
The Judges like his body capacity,
Length of body, smooth neck and
shoulders,as will as flat rump.
Angulation in the hind legs, spring of
ribs.  His also love to go to the shows,
and enjoys the company.
and he's handsome.
Desertwinds Aerosmith
A son of Black Tie,  Lives in
Louisanna, Received his Jr Grand
Champion Leg. 2013
Show records
Blk Tie has two official
Legs towards his becoming a Grand Champion
Black Tie even as a very young buck had lots of back
legs angulation , a long back, width between the hind
and front legs. With a lot of look at me personality.