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AGS Kids Corral FF Ring Of Fire
April 1, 2008

Jerri Fuhriman from Hawk Meadows and I
went in together and bought this beautiful Buck,

Extended pedigree and pictures
Ringo as we are calling him, is our newest
buck, and boy is he beautiful.  Strong, very
dairy, and Sweet all rolled up on one.  Can't
wait to shave him down in the spring and
take more pictures.
AGS Kids Corral FF Ring Of Fire
Ch AGS Kids Corral LL Fire Flame

AGA Pocket Sized PST Victory
AMCH Twin Creeks WB Sire Storm

Rosasharn Tom's Legacy Lily
Pocket Sized GN Presto

Pocket Sized M Starlight
More Bucks

MCB D'Sire's Oberon
Born 3 March 2014
MCB D'Sire's Oberon
Rosashran FS Hearts D'Sire

Wind Valley Goldie
ARMCH Twin Creeks WB Fire Storm+*SE

Rosasharn's TA Mega's
Desertwinds Jack Daniels

Desertwinds Like A Flash
received a
Grand Champion
Judge Gary
Oberon is a very sweet tempered
buck, fun to work with.
Very nice package