Shadow Hills Bucks

Desertwinds PF Umma Gumma
Born 25 April 2012

Extended Pedigree
So very happy to have this Wonderful  buck living at
Shadow Hills Ranch forever.  
We have two beautiful does out of him that are
milking super well.  Both will be getting their AR's
by the end of the year.
Umma is long and very Dairy, and super great to
work with.

He is a dream come true for me to have him live
Thanks so very very much Donna and Norm Geiser.
owner of Desertwinds,
Desertwinds PF Umma Gumma
MCH Desertwinds SN Pink Floyd

Desertwinds BD PeachesNCream
ARMCH DesertwindsStormin Norman

Starbucks Creamora
Desertwinds LZ Black Dog

Desertwinds Stormin's Rosebud*D
Shadow Hills Honey's Star *S
Born Feb, 18, 2014
His mother just received her *D on her one day milk
test with
5.2 lbs of milk.
He has style length of body, width and is so
friendly,  We have High hope for this little man.
His barn name is

Extended Pedigree and pictures
New Shadow Hills Honey's Star *S
Has his first Grand Champion Leg,
Logan  2016 He is such an easy
buck to work with. Super fun to show.
New Shadow Hills Honey's Star*S
Silveraurora JC Wishuponastar *S*B
Shadow Hills Bit O Honey 2*DAR
Creamery Creek Milk Man +SHS

Wind Valley Shadow Princess *D
Jobi Cloud *B

Gay-Mor Mick's Poison Locket 2*D 1*M
Winters End Jackson's Shadow
Born March 27, 2017  Blue eyed and Polled
Extended Pedigree
Winters End Jackson's Shadow
Winters End Finnegan

Winters End Fiona Gisele
Bakers Barnyard Denver Blue

Winters End Eva
The new Kid on the block,  
Winters End Jackson's Shadow.
We had a buck Rainbow Dancers
Thunder many years ago we loved
him.  Thunder Sire was Bakers
Barnyard Denver Blue and Jackson is
a grand son and Great Grand son of
Bakers Barnyard Denver Blue,  So
were excited to see how he does.  
JDR Ranch Ma Domino

Winters End Ginger Crepes