Shadow Hills  Nigerian
We really love our bucks.  We love to show them, they are all gentle and easy
to work with,   Take a look at their Pedigrees, and you will see why we are so
excited about them.
Thanks for looking
The new boy on the block
New Shadow Hills Storm Chaser
Born 31 January, 2016

Extended Pedigree
This little Man is super beautiful very
very dairy,  very correct and a sweet
temper to go with him. Judges say they
like him because he is very sharp.
Barn name is
New Shadow Hills Storm Chaser
AGS Desertwinds GW Riding TheStorm

New Shadow Hills Swiss Miss
MCH Desertwinds SN Guess Who

PGCH/ARMCH Desertwinds Lola Phalange  
Desertwinds PF Umma Gumma

Hawk MeadowsCinnamon Cinder
The New Man on the Block.

Onaqui BQ Sir Parker Quinn
Born 25 Feb. 2018
Extended Pedigree

Onaqui BQ Sir Parker Quinn
Born 25 Feb. 2018  Polled
Old Mountain Farm Bravo Quinn

Old Mountain Farm Cass Quinn
Old Mountain Farm Maenar Quinn

Old Mountain Farm Ta-Dah!
Old Mountain Farm Darius Quinn

Old Mountain Farm Mila Quinn
We are very excited to have this little
Expecting lot of wonderful things from
It will be fun to watch him grow up.